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Repaired EZ Cart

Eve asked about the cart shown in the post Dirt, Rocks, Stairs.  It had been used a lot, and the project of making the stairs did it in.  The plastic broke because of too much weight being put in the cart.  I had rigged it to work a time or two and it was fine for light loads, but I imagined I could fix it, and after getting the question, I got around to doing something about it.

I bought some slotted angle, 1-1/4 inch, 18 gauge, zinc plated.  It is not too heavy duty, but stronger than the plastic.  I also got 1/2 inch machine screws, 1/4-20, matching nuts of the locking type with Nylon to lock them in place, and washers to go under the nuts so they wouldn’t break through the plastic when tightened down.

The plastic was split right where the support attached.  I attached the angle on the left side of the break first, drilling 3/8″ holes to match the holes in the angle.  With the angle securely attached on the left, I used a long clamp to pull the split back together.  Then I attached the angle on the right side as before.

Once the gap formed by the break was closed, I reattached the support, adding washers against the plastic on both the inside and the outside:

The brand of cart is EZ Cart by Republic.  Looking on-line, it is no longer manufactured.  Here are the markings:

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