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Rain in the Desert

It was the Fourth of July and one of those odd days in the summer in Tucson when it does not get hot.  The high was in the 80’s, and it was quite a bit cooler once the heavy clouds and rain moved in.  We got a late start, but went to Sabino Canyon for a hike.  Mainly the trails were level, and it was fun exploring a short way on the Phoneline Trail, the dam area, and the mostly dry creek bed of Sabino Creek.

Here are the mountains, and clouds rolling in at about 1:00 p.m. as we walked along the trail between the parking lot and the Phoneline Trail.  The actual phone line seems to have been a single-wire telegraph line that went up into the Santa Catalina Mountains from Tucson.  You can actually find stretches of the steel wire along the trail in certain places.

Here is an odd little bug that was on the Phoneline Trail.  It started to look more stormy, so we headed back down to check out the dam area and went up above the dam, eventually connecting with Upper Sabino Road.  There was almost nobody on the trams that ferry people up and down this road that is inaccessible to private vehicles.

Here is a look back up the road as we were leaving.  Sabino Canyon is to the right.  The road goes up about three miles from this point.  The clouds were looking ominous.

It’s hard to tell, but the rain was almost on us at this point, moving towards us and only a few hundred yards away.  By the time we got to the end of this road we were getting soaked!

One last look back before the rain started.